About us

Memtain was built out of my (Martin Schnell) personal need. I read a lot of blogs and web articles each day, yet - as a non-genius and normal brain like anyone else - I felt like I forget about 80% of the things again after some days or weeks at best. What a waste of time! Most people know that feeling themselves: "Gosh, I knew that once...what was it again? It lies on my tongue..." So I stumbled around the web, searching for methodologies to remember the things I like to maintain in my memory. What I liked best was the theory of spaced repetition. It seemed logical and congruent to me. So when I stumbled over articles I wanted to remember, I saved them as bookmarks and reviewed them later again. But what a mess this would cause in my bookmarks! And still I could not track properly when I reviewed certain information pieces the last time. And it consumes much time to re-read a whole article again, although sometimes it is only one or two pieces of information that I was interested in. This was not perfect yet and out of this came Memtain (which is an art word of "memory" and "memtain") which had one goal: make saving of information as easy and versatile as possible and handle as much of the spaced repetition mechanics as possible. Me as a user should only be busy with the learning part and not be bothered by the rest. For me it works great up to now and I hope Memtain will be helpful for you, too!


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Your data and us

  • Of course we want to know how many visitors we have on Memtain, how they navigate the site, from where they come and so on. With this information we can make Memtain even better and that is why we use Google Analytics (see how they use your data) on our pages to analyze the behaviour of our visitors. We do this anonymously without connecting accounts or information snippets to the Google Analytics data.
  • We use the Facebook Like Button on our pages so Facebook knows that you have been with us when you visit our site. For more information please visit the Facebook privacy explanation.
  • Memtain uses Cookies to recognize you when you leave the site and come back to us. Before you register we also use a cookie to connect the data you saved at Memtain with you / your browser.
  • e-Mail adresses from friends, family & colleagues you share with us through the Recommend-function will only be used to the purpose of telling the receiver about our service once and not for further marketing.
  • The data you give us at registration (e.g. your e-Mail adress) is for our eyes only and will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances. The password you use is never visible to us and will also be stored in encrypted form within our database.


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